My workshop

Many months ago I alluded to exciting happenings and I am very glad to say they have come to fruition! As you will have gathered from the title of this post, I now have a workshop. This means I don’t have to wait until I can get into London before I can make jewellery. It was a fairly slow process as I wanted it to be usable in all weathers.

Here is my workshop

Photo 23-01-2016, 15 10 09

I have a bench from a friend who bought her house from a jeweller who left it behind. Fairly rough and ready (a door) but it is big and strong.

Photo 27-02-2016, 13 32 35

Since March I have been popping out to my workshop (trying really hard not to call it a shed!) and making jewellery. It means I have, predictably, neglected this blog in favour of making jewellery.

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Rings and new skills learnt

It seems that I’m not very good at updating my blog, mostly because I haven’t been photographing what I have made. Today I have added some more items produced since my last post. I particularly love these two rings.
My first attempt is the one with pointed petals, the flat edged one is the safety version!

I have learnt some new skills, I did a two day stone setting course at the London Jewellery School. I also went on a beginners metal clay course with a friend. The skills are completely different to those I have been using for silversmithing and the effects are distinctive. Here is a photo, as you can see, I need more practice.
News to follow on my making and potentially selling? I’ll try to keep you posted.

Progress has been made!

I’ve continued to go to the London Jewellery School when I can. I use their ‘rent a bench’ scheme, this makes sense for me as I don’t have the space I would need and the range of tools available is much greater than I would be able to get. The people are lovely and I ask the occasional question, learning all the time.

Today I put together a selection of what I have made so far, I can see that I am getting better and making things I couldn’t have even thought of less than 6 months ago. I notice that I am very fond of circles!

A warning though, if you are interested in having a go, it is highly addictive!

Please have a look at the individual items for a better look, you can find them all below in the general ‘Jewellery’ section, or by their type.